What's a Intro image?

The Intro image is first thing a visitor sees in your contest. It's your opportunity to communicate how the contest works, what the prize is, and how you are going to pick winners.

When visitors click on the intro image, they are taken to the contest's main screen. If it's a Photo Contest, it links to the list of photos. If it's a Trivia, it links to the first question. If it's a Memory Match game, it links to the game screen.

Considering the Intro image works as a link, you should include some type of Call to Action in it, like a text or a button. You should add something even if it's just a fake button inside the design. It acts as a clue of what to do next. People won't just guess they should click, you should make it obvious.

What should I include in a Intro image?

It depends on the type of contest you're running but as a general rule your Intro image should communicate:

  • The name of the contest.
  • The brand that's running the contest.
  • What the prize is.
  • How you're going to decide who wins.
  • The finishing date/time for the contest.
  • A Click here to start button.

Examples of good Intro images

Here are some really good Intro images that our customers came up with:

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